Perhaps A Little TMI, But It Is Real Life For Many

Let's face it.  Some people have Sleep Apnea and/or some snoring problems.  I just saw an interview that Matt Lauer from the Today Show wherein he said that he has that issue.  I fall into this category as well. 

For Road Warriors, however, it is not just a medical issue that needs to be addressed by a CPAP or AutoPAP but it becomes a significant convenience issue that adds weight and bulk to the many things we already lug around.  I have had a smaller CPAP that was great for travel but I have found something that is amazing and I wanted to share.  The HDM Z1 AutoPAP.

This thing only weighs 10.4 ounces and is FAA approved for in-flight use. It runs with very little noise as well.  Finally, something that you don't have to carry in a separate bag or lose a huge amount of space in your carry-on bag. It is not cheap ($765 with tax) but boy is it worth it for the Road Warrior.  This something I would highly recommend checking out.