Clear Is Worth It For Me


If you are a frequent traveler, you have probably noticed that TSA Precheck line is not as fast as it used to be. Now, every Tom, Dick and Harry is using Precheck which is clogging the lines with more people (and with people that don't travel frequently so they slow the lines down). 

So I started using a new strategy:  Clear.  With my Tripit Pro annual subscription (for $49), I had a 4 month free trial to use Clear.  Rack rate is $179 but Delta Sky Miles has a deal with them.  Depending on your status, you can get it for significantly less than full cost. 

Sign up was easy.  Fill out a few questions online and then the next time I was at the airport, I arrived a few minutes earlier so I could finish the sign up process.  After getting some biometrics (a retina scan and fingerprints), I was moved to the front of the Precheck line. 

This morning (Saturday) in Detroit (DTW), I was shocked at not only how long the regular TSA line was but was frustrated that the Precheck line was long and slow.  I spotted my new friends at Clear and 45 seconds later, I was at the front of the Precheck line.  Loved that!

While Clear is not inexpensive, I can say if you travel enough, it will be worth it from the time you can save since it works to get you to the front of the Precheck line.