Gadget Alert: Plastc Card

As you all know by now, I love things that help ease traveling.  For efficiency purposes and for having the fewest things to carry/keep track of, I try to travel with the fewest things possible.  One area that can be difficult to do this with is credit cards/atm cards.  If you are a business traveler, you probably have your cards you need for business and also personal ones as well.  That, of course, adds bulk to a wallet/purse.

A while back I pre-purchased a one card that will carry all my cards in it.  It works with both the contactless NFC, EMV chip and magnetic strip.  It is pass code protected.  I am excited that they will start shipping in a few months.

List of Cards that Pastc Card will support

List of Cards that Pastc Card will support

I think you will agree if you watch the video, this will be a "go to" for the savvy business traveler.  I just don't use Apple Pay because I don't find a lot of places that accept it but everyone will accept this as it is the same as all your cards.

The pre-launch cost is $155 (and it will be $180 retail after it launches) but I do have a referral code that provides you a $20 discount (note: it also does give me a $20 Amazon Card if you use this discount code).  DISCOUNT LINK HERE.