Need To Purchase American Airlines Miles?

Hopefully by now, most of you have figured out that using airline miles instead of paying cash for international first/business class travel is often a cheaper way to travel well.  Not everyone, however, is able to gain enough miles from actual flying and/or credit card spending. 

Once in a while, it makes sense to top off your miles via a purchase of miles from the airline directly.  American Airlines is currently running a special that allows you to receive a bonus. If you purchase the maximum of 150,000 miles, the bonus is 85,000 miles. 

Before you purchase, make sure that you calculate the total dollars you are spending divided by the number of miles you are purchasing to make sure it economically makes sense for you to purchase.  For instance, the purchase of the max noted above equates to about 1.8 cents per mile.  Here is the link to American Airlines to purchase with the bonus if you are interested:,US_BUY