American Airlines Transitions to the Dark Side

We knew since November 2015 that American Airlines was going to transition to awarding elite bonus miles on the dollars spent and today's email confirms start date (August 1, 2016) and details (see picture below). 


Also, American has added a new level for 75,000 miles (Platinum Pro) which makes sense to me.  They always had a huge jump from Platinum to Executive Platinum (50,000 to 100,000 miles) which in my opinion needed to be adjusted. 

Their dollar amounts for qualifications are in line with Delta's Skymiles program.  One thing of note is that there has not been an increase to Executive Platinum from 100,000 miles.  Achieving American's top level will certainly be easier than reaching Delta Diamond.  Delta has 125,000 miles and $15,000 requirement for Diamond and American has 100,000 miles and $12,000 for Executive Platinum.

My take on all this?  Confirms why I will not keep my Delta Platinum and American Platinum next year but will spend most of my time on Alaska Air maintaining my MVP Gold 75K.

What are your thoughts?