Gadget Review--Mogics Power Donut

It is no secret that I like gadgets.  I especially like gadgets that make traveling easier to deal with.  Well, I have found something that fits into this category.  Mogics Power Donut takes care of a problem most Road Warriors face at hotels.  NOT ENOUGH PLUGS next to the bed.  Or sometimes, you have enough plugs but you have to move furniture and awkwardly connect. 

I have used the Belkin Travel Surge Protector for quite some time.  I loved how the prongs swiveled so I could connect to a hotel plug that only works with a sideways connection or some other odd direction.  There were times, though, that having to move a bed or night stand was still needed.

A while back I ordered a Mogics Travel Donut.  It finally came!  The design is awesome. I can have multiple items plugged in at the same time along with two USB items.  The best part, it has a plug and cord that connects the actual unit without having to have the actual surge protector right next to the actual plug in the wall/lamp.  Fantastic!  Also, it comes with an adapter for foreign travel. Plus it is small and light and has a replaceable fuse. 

I highly recommend that you consider grabbing one of these.