New Travel Gadget Alert--Mogics Power Donut

At the beginning of February, I reviewed the Belkin Mini Travel Surge Protector.  As indicated in that review, the swivel prongs and small size really make the Belkin Mini really a great travel gadget.  Well, via Kickstarter, I found something that might be better.  It is called the Mogics Power Donut. 

The shape appears to provide the ability to use more devices connected at once since it is round and they will not interfere with each other.  The shape allows 5 plugs to be used at one time and two USB It comes with an international power adapter and a cord so you don't have to use it right up against the plug in the wall like you have to with the Belkin.  Instead you can connect via the cord and place the power strip on a nightstand or desk.

Will update with a review once mine arrives!