FINALLY--Premium Economy on Alaska Air and New Upgrade Factors

Premium Economy on Alaska Air

Premium Economy on Alaska Air

I am so excited that Alaska Air is adding a Premium Economy section for their planes.  I have been commuting for work from SEA to EWR for the past few weeks.  It is such a major bummer on flights that my upgrade didn't clear.  

I have long thought (and long provided Alaska Air feedback) that the lack of a 3 cabin set up for longish flights had put them at a significant competitive disadvantage as other airlines had that extra legroom option.  

Another development is that Alaska Air is going to:  Upgrades are as of December 5, 2016, will be factoring in fare class.  Here are the details:  

Upgrades will be processed by elite status level within the upgrade windows noted above, then by fare class (for bookings as of December 5, 2016), then by the time of booking. Once you are on the upgrade waitlist and within the upgrade window for your status level, we’ll continue to look for available upgrades and process them until approximately 1 hour prior to departure. Any upgrades that become available less than 1 hour prior to departure will be processed by the agent at the boarding gate. Fare classes are cleared in the following order: Y, Z, S, B, M, H, Q, L, V, N, K, G, T, R, W.

So, what are your thoughts?  Chime in with your comments.