Airline Loyalty Decided for Me: 2016

Well, Alaska Air graciously gave me a status match to MVP Gold 75K so I will be saying goodbye to my Delta Platinum and American Platinum and plowing my loyalty towards Alaska.  I am excited to do this as I think that Alaska Air has a fantastic loyalty program, terrific employees and with their expansion of an "economy plus" type option when upgrades don't clear, hard product is improving. 

While it is always a bummer switching loyalty that has been hard earned, it just makes total sense for me since a major goal I have is to maximize mileage for use for family trips.  MVP Gold 75K has a 125% bonus based on miles flown and is not revenue based like Delta and (soon to be) American.  Also, since Alaska is not in a formal partner alliance like OneWorld, etc, they negotiate separate partner deals so the actual spending of miles can be less than the formal alliance.  That sometimes makes using Alaska miles a better deal which of course helps me with the family trips goal.

I will be reporting back on how my new loyalty relationship goes!

Is anyone else making the switch to Alaska Air?