Gadget Review--Harmon Kardon IENC Earbuds

I recently purchased some Harmon Kardon IENC Noice-cancelling Earbuds.  My basic Review:

  • Noise-cancelling is not active and not very strong. I found myself having to back up the movies to hear things.
  • After a few hours of wearing them, I found them to be uncomfortable. 

I am actually returning them to Harmon Kardon.  While I am a big fan of Harmon Kardon (we had a car that had a Harmon Kardon system with a sub-woofer and LOVED it), these just are not working for me.

Thinking of splurging to get a Bose QC 20 set.  I had a Polk Audio set of noise-cancelling earbuds but the battery cover is easily lost (has happened twice to me and if it happens on a trip then batteries will pop out.