Back from NYC!

I flew to R/T from SEA to JFK yesterday for my last Mileage Run.  Fortunately, I was upgraded as I mentioned in the last post.  Service was fine (nothing special).  Got to spend some time in the Delta Sky Club in JFK Terminal 4.

Couple of thoughts from the trip:

  • Shake Shack is pretty delicious, especially for airport food. 
  • Terminal 4 Delta Sky Club is spacious.  Showers, multiple seating areas, large bar and a fairly nice food options are well.
  • Sitting in front of a dramatic lady that likes to push the back of your seat because she thinks the seat is collapsing into her lap when you lean back is very annoying.  After a brief exchange, she got the message that she needed to stop dramatically pushing my seat back.
  • SEA/NYC is a long stinkin' flight when you do the R/T back to back.  Could have flown to London one-way in the same amount of time!