is not your typical travel blog.  Most business travelers do not fly all premium cabins every time they are in the air.  Additionally, most business travelers do not always stay in top notch hotels in every city.  This site is based in reality for the average road warrior and will include reviews and information related to various travel experiences.  I am also passionate about travel hacks that use technology and gadgets that make life on the road a bit more tolerable.

This site is intended to be interactive so please share your thoughts and experiences as well.

James Province works for a Microsoft Partner as a trainer.  I travel around 150,000 miles per year.  This is my second career.  I practiced family law for about 20 years and eventually discovered it wasn't for me.  I embarked on finding work that was more meaningful to me and was less combative.  I found a company that let's me meld my love of technology and flair for presenting into an actual job helping people and organizations become more productive.  I still do mediations on the side to stoke a fire that I am passionate about: helping people resolve their differences through negotiation.