Safety And Solo Female Flyers

My wife and I were talking about a friend of hers that travels a lot for work and experienced a terrible incident on an international flight.  She was sexually groped by an other passenger.  She notified a flight attendant but the airline staff indicated that there was not much they could do at that time because they were a full flight.  She recently testified before the US Congress this week about the issue.

This incident was the first that I had heard of and wanted to dig in little more.  I was not aware that, sadly, this is not an isolated issue.  Many incidents involve the person sleeping while being groped.  Other times, the assailant is brazen and does it when the person is fully awake.  In reading this, it appears to occur most frequently on international flights.  It certainly raises associated concerns about children flying alone as well.

Just a few days ago, Air India made an interesting decision to create a "Women Only" seating section on flights with six seats in the third row in economy.  CLICK HERE to read an article about Air India's action.

What other ideas do you have on this matter?

Language Barriers

Language barriers are always a problem when many of us travel to foreign countries unless you have the great fortune of having a son that speaks French and or travel with European friends that can translate for you.  Even with Google Translate, I still struggle to communicate with people I meet when traveling in a foreign country. 

I am thinking back to my recent trip to Changsha, China with my friend Eric.  We were in the car that Hainan Airlines provided for our trip from the airport to the Sheraton in Changsha.  I was laughing so hard at Eric who was trying to ask the driver to turn up the air conditioning.  Eric's hand-motions and unsuccessful attempt to explain he was too hot.  Compare that with the video below:

The new product (called Pilot) that is being funded with IndieGoGo that takes a lot of existing technology (and new technology) and melds it all together.  Waverly Labs has developed such an interesting product that brings hope to people that struggle with foreign languages.  This can be a game changer for business and leisure travelers.  Love it!